We use unique creative methods. We create inspiring, artistic and learning situation focused on: ideation, experiencing  proactivity, sharing of responsibility for meeting the purposes.



Including the artists and scientists into the development process. We gain the Participants’ fresh perspective on the challenge they are working on. We inspire them to look on the problem from unknown perspective. New perspective - with the usage of art, culture and science- gives the possibility to find surprising solutions to the original challenge. The example of disciplines we are incorporating into development process: Yoga, photography, physics, scriptwriting. More about our creators on Bio section.


Design thinking is a method of designing innovative solutions and products based on knowledge about the needs of its recipients. An important element of the method is to create an interdisciplinary team, which allows you to look at the problem from different perspectives. During the process, participants' creativity is activated with the use of creative tools and methods. The method used in business, administration, education, non-profit organizations.