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I have had dozens of conversations with people of various professions, orientations, passions, beliefs and life experiences. Residents of Warsaw and not only. They shared their experiences related to important for them moments in life.

What was the change, how it affected them, what did it launch?

I placed selected photos on the stairs, which are a symbol of change, climbing, sometimes going down. 

I think that such effort is worth to take, because at the top is the reward.

Anna Lidia Ek



When I decided to quit international relations and started studying philosophy I became more flexible and open to make further changes. I found courage to realize myself artistically.

Ewa Cieślak



Change reminds me of anxiety and loss of something that I know. You can make many changes in your life, for example: behavior, appearance, work, current life, but it is uneasy

to make such decision.

Mateusz Paszko



I have a plan that after completing the IT school, I’ll open a cafe.

Antoni Świderek



The biggest change - when I bought a house for money earned in England.

Zuzanna Warowna-Toruńska



Changes happen to me always when I need them. And I am very happy with that.

Piotr Szymański



I’m scared by the thought that I could spend every day the same way. On the other hand, why change something which works?

Katarzyna Indyk & Kuba



The change I am waiting for is come back to work. After three years. By this time I raised my two super kids: Kuba and Kaja.

Artur, Rafał, Radek & Adam



It’s so hard to tell about the change. Especially about change in our personal life. But actually we change this street into something new and modern.